Hi, I’m Pam!

and It’s my honor to guide you to simple and effective strategies for long-distance grandparents.

My first grandson was born at the hospital I worked at. I was able to hold him the first day of his life. For six months he lived the next town over and I was in heaven. Then the military transferred his dad to another state. That’s when I realized that my grandparenting style was going to have to adapt. I was going to need simple and effective strategies for connecting with my grandson as a long-distance grandparent.

I am a long-distance grandma. My grandkids call me “Grams,” and I love them to pieces. Currently I have eleven grandchildren ranging from three to fourteen. I want to be a significant part of their lives, but I don’t live near any of them. All of my grandkids are long-distance from me as well as from one another.

When my husband and I retired from our respective careers (he was a pastor, and I was a nurse/nursing instructor), we moved out of our home of 24 years into a fifth-wheel camper. Now we travel between the states where our families live and spend three to four months hanging out with them. Even with this flexibility, I am always a long-distance grandma from more than half of my grandkids at any one time.

I bet you love your grandkids to pieces, too. And if they don’t live nearby, I suspect you are trying to figure out how to be a significant presence in their lives. You don’t need an RV to build relationships with your long-distance grandkids. I needed simple and effective strategies for connecting with my grandchild–I think you do, too.

And that’s exactly what Grandkid Toolbox is all about.

We all want to have close and significant relationships with our grandkids, whether we live far away from them, or just around the corner. Let’s work together and discover the strategies and tools that will work to give us the best relationships we can build.