Create plans with your grandkids that prepare them for life and bring you both joy.

Do you want to build a great relationship

with your grandchild and prepare them for life?

I can help you connect with your grandchild! Here’s what to do next.


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Are you a long-distance grandparent who struggles to connect with your out-of-the-area grandkids? Me, too! Find out more about my story.

Hi, I’m Pam, and I want to help you prepare your grandchild for life.

My heart is that my grandkids grow into stable, happy people that reach their potential. I’m also a long-distance grandparent working to be involved with my eleven grandkids. My husband and I travel between the states where our grandkids live in our 39-foot RV. But no matter how mobile we have become, we are long distance from someone. The good news is that we have learned how to be memorable and intentional grandparents despite the miles that separate us from our grandkids. We are building lasting relationships that prepare our grandkids for life.